Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to the World Wide Web

Until last week, I am not available to the world wide web. I do not have a friendster account or a facebook account, or a blog or have joined any internet based network. But just last Monday, because I wanted to see a posting of an event on a facebook account, I discovered facebook. And lo and behold, I have a facebook account now. I started posting my pictures, it was actually fun, though my computer kept hanging, because of the many photos I tried to upload :-) Then Louise Kathryn accepted me in her network of friends in facebook, and I discovered blogging. This is actually fun, especially these days that I'm not doing much.

I am actually surprised to find out that Louise is now a Christian :-) So nice to keep in touch and updated with your friends. Maybe I'll create a friendster account too.

Till more me on the www :-)